You Are the Boss

In a world without job security in the traditional sense, we have to rely less on companies to provide us with a sense of stability and more on our ability to see ourselves as commander of our own destiny.  This may sound daunting but, in many cases, it is more of a shift in thinking and a discovery process rather than starting from scratch with a new set of skills.

This e-book provides context for this shift in thinking from looking to companies and organizations for security to being more of a free agent.  Readers are guided through some of the major milestones of the transition and are then given an action plan checklist with specific strategies for creating and growing an online network, identifying key areas to pursue opportunities and learning to effectively use the 4 R Method.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”
Peter Drucker

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You Are The Boss Now… Building Income Security in a World Without Job Security.

You Are the Boss Now... How to Create Income Security in a World with No Job Security