What on Earth can you do?

This post was written by Donna back in 2011 but as we celebrate Earth Day today, we re-read this blog post and thought it was worth sharing again.  All the information still applies and we remain as committed as ever to find new ways to preserve our environment.

This coming Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. I’m not mentioning that to simply fill your calendar – I’m hoping you’ll join me in celebrating the planet on which we live and help make the world a cleaner and healthier place.  On my blog we talk about work and career issues, so you can take your career in your hands and improve it. This coming Friday, I hope that you’ll try to do the same for the Earth, and hopefully commit to changing one habit that could make a long term difference.

One of my most memorable Earth Day activities was twenty years ago, when I was still in college in South Africa. I spent a day with fellow students picking up garbage in a run down part of Johannesburg. It was a memorable and meaningful experience for me, as we helped the earth, but also the residents of this community. To me, that’s what Earth Day is – an opportunity to clean up the land, connect with people, and find meaning that hopefully propels you onward.  I’ve participated in Earth Day festivities every year since, and am currently planning what to do this year with my children.

So what are you doing for the day? You’ve got so many options.  You can click on Earth Day International’s “Billion Acts of Green” and pledge something you’ll do to help the planet. You can also find events listed in your area on Earth Day’s site, whether large or small.   As you participate, I hope you’ll remember how you feel while you volunteer. Is it something you can do on a regular basis? Is it is something you might want to explore as a career. Look out for CareerFolk’s brochure on GREEN CAREERS or this Earth Day article on Women and the Green Economy? The earth-friendly opportunities are endless!

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