What Is Twitter & Why You should Care

There are  less than 24 hours left before my first Twitter Training Intensive, and I have been getting lots of emails and calls from people asking me why on earth should they need Twitter. Great question! I know there is so much confusion as to why and how Twitter can be helpful, especially in light of all the recent bad publicity. Well, from a Career coaches perspective, and those of us who help people manage and improve their careers, this is how we often answer the question  “What is Twitter?”

From our perspective, we see Twitter as a:

-networking barrier buster

-brand builder

-immediate access to job postings

-insider’s perspective on corporate culture

-platform to position/promote your ideas

-access to otherwise inaccessible influencers

-SEO supercharger…real time research tool

These are just a few thoughts that I have heard from my colleagues around the country, and authors of The Twitter Job Search Guide say.

Why should you care?

Let me introduce you to Shannon Lowder. I have only known Shannon for about 2 weeks. I happened to see something he had written about how to use Twitter and I quoted him. I had no idea who he was, and didn’t seek him out either. Instead he found me (via Twitter) to thank me for quoting him. He was both gracious and incredibly generous- he offered to share with me how Twitter has helped him so it can be of help to others. Here’s a great story of GOOD CAREER KARMA….and some great reasons to use Twitter (whether you are working or not)

How Twitter has helped me, by Shannon Lowder

Late last year, I went to a SQL event, and everyone was talking about twitter. A couple of the speakers mentioned the #sqlhelp hash tag. This tag was built to ask and answer questions about SQL Server. I started following it. Those people who answered most often I started following. I also occasionally ask and answer questions using that tag as well.

After I started following those leaders, some followed back. Many more started following after I set my blog to automatically tweet when I released a new blog entry. The titles of my blog entries enticed them to read, and then to follow me.

Then I found out about #sqljobs. A listing of jobs people in the community find out about. (it has grown to include some recruiters directly) Now every time I hear about a SQL job, I share it there. I’ve made a couple connections here in Charlotte, NC. 3 people have taken jobs that started from one of my tweets! The extra bonus: I was paid $500 for those referrals.

I plan on expanding my interaction with helping people get new jobs. I’m working with some programmers in my network to built a custom twitter tool that will help manage the jobs I know about. This tool will merge some features of a CRM with any social API we can tie in. That way I can share my blog entries to people who are looking for work, as well as try to connect those users to good jobs. It’s a win-win!”

Read Shannon’s great article: 10 Ways to Use Twitter to Get Recruiters’ Attention

Now, I know what many of you must be thinking: “Well he’s a tech guy, so Twitter is easy for him.” The biggest myth is that you have to be media savvy to use Twitter. Believe it or not but it really is quite user friendly.

In this crazy roller coaster job market, can you afford not to try everything you possibly could to land a great job.

We’ll be going in-depth into Twitter and covering EVERYTHING you need to know to help you  -stand out in the crowd,

-Gain access to the hidden job market,

-find networking communities

_set up a simple, yet informative, branded profile, with a link to your resume.

and much much more.

Tough times call for creative measures, and Twitter is one of the most creative and innovative job search tool there is.

If you can’t make it, and you prefer to read the book, that I reference all the time, The Twitter Job Search Guide. I was one of the contributing writers to this book. There is so much in it, I would highly encourage you to get it. But if you aren’t going to read the book,

Join me for a crash course in Twitter. You’ll be shocked at how much there is to know and learn. I dare you!

Register Here or learn more at this link.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, I’ll certainly be doing others so email us and let me know if you want to know about future workshops.

It’s important, and considering how tough things are in the market right now,  job seekers and career changers need to be thinking creatively.

Please let me know if you have used Twitter, or if you have questions, comment below, or email us at info @  careerfolk.com

We look forward to ushering you into this new and revolutionary tool! It certainly has revolutionized the way people manage their careers. Let it help yours.

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