We All Have To Do What? Career Advice you Might Not Like!

In today’s economy, you have to hustle!  Yes, as the song goes.  “Do The Hustle.” and yes, I know it’s a hassle (at least sometimes)  but times have changed and there’s been a huge shift in what you need to do to manage and expand your career prospects. You know this already. The issue is that we all need to get with the program. This week I’ve been hustling up a storm, sharing (okay, promoting) my latest info-packed article on 3 (really important) things you’re missing on LinkedIn:  http://jobmob.co.il/blog/new-hot-hidden-on-linkedin/

I put all I know into this article because I really want to win this competition on Jobmob.co.il and and that pushed me out of my comfort zone to market myself big time, just like I tell my clients to do.

One of the tenets I espouse in this “new economy” is that we are all our own boss.

That means:

– The job search is no longer a “search”, it’s a self-promotion process.

– Social media is the new tool for self-promotion and for expanding and managing your network and career.

– Your resume is no longer the only marketing document you need if you are serious about enhancing your career. Whether you are currently employed (or not), by a company, or yourself, you need a LinkedIn profile, and maybe even a blog.

Sacre Bleu! A blog! Yes, that is what I said.. I started blogging, about 5 years ago, from scratch. I was not a writer. At least I didn’t consider myself one. But I have become a writer because that is what I needed to do to manage and grow my career (i.e. my small business) . You can read my first blog post here. I wrote it in April 2008 when the world felt like it was falling apart all around us.

Blogging has become an important career promotion tool not far behind your resume and LinkedIn profile. And as I discovered myself, as someone who had never written before,  all you need is to be passionate about a topic, put it down on paper.. okay, the computer and get ready to share.

In the wise words of personal branding guru Dan Schawbel. “Why leave your Career to chance? Promote Yourself.”

Blogging has many career development advantages  as Ann Smarty notes:

It helps to: 

  • Build your brand
  • Build your Network
  • Build links to your blog or website platform
  • Help you reach new audiences, (Read: People that can hire you)

And there is a fantastic resource to help you get started, or expand what you are already doing.

MyBlogGuest.com is the community of bloggers who build relationships through high-quality guest posting. One of its newest innovative features is Guest Article Requests.

So whether you are a writer, or just a guy or gal with an idea… think about what you need to say, and write it down. Because you are your own boss, and you have to let the world know what you think..

So, please check out my latest blog post on what you need to do on LinkedIn to be seen. I Love to win! and it’s packed with some really great information!  Thank you!

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