Top 10 Reasons to Join the Accountability Club

Our Job Search Accountability Club kicks off on Tuesday February 4th at 8PM.  If you’re wondering why it might be right for you, keep on reading!   The bi-weekly virtual meetings are just the zap of motivation that people need to be held accountable to their search and move past any barriers.  Farewell to complacency in the job search.  For more info or to register, visit: Job Search Accountability Club


Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Job Search Accountability Club

10. Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

It’s easy to feel stale with your methods and revitalizing your approach leads to better results.

9. Energize and maintain positive momentum in your job search.

Most people describe the process of job searching as draining and they run out of steam. Momentum is the hardest thing to maintain on your own.

8. LAUGH with others in the same boat.

People often take a very serious approach to job searching and this is certainly understandable.  Finding humor is a great way to release some of the stress and feel rapport with others.

7. Learn from others’ experiences, share your own advice and expand your network.

With more people to bounce ideas off of, you can learn about the outcomes for various strategies that others have tried.  It’s a very efficient way to refine your methods.

6. Learn how to improve your resume, cover letter writing, Linkedin profile and how to tweet for job search success.

Social media is a powerful tool in a job search and using it effectively will not only expand your network, but also spread the word about what you are looking for.  Job search correspondence has to shine compared to the stack and accurately highlight your skills and accomplishments.

5. Benefit from support, encouragement and insights from a trained therapist.

We can all get advice and support from friends but that is certainly not the same.  Nothing takes the place of professional assistance with a difficult process.

4. Have an affordable way to receive professional help.

One on one work with a therapist or career couch is extremely beneficial, but not everyone is in a position to afford that kind of help.  That doesn’t eliminate the need for the help.  This is a cost-effective way to work with a professional.

3. Receive objective analysis and advice on your and job search process.

This is truly one of the more important benefits of the group.  Object advice from a professional is something not everyone has access to.  This makes it possible to stand out from the crowd, utilizing all you’ve learned from the group.

2. Find a job search buddy, or several.

Don’t go it alone.  Research has shown that it’s more effective when you remove the solitary aspects of the search.  You can take turns motivating each other and sharing your experiences.

1. Become accountable to the group, so weeks don’t fly by without accomplishing anything.

Accountability is the main objective of this group.  Without a group to be held accountable to, this can lead to inactivity and stalled results.  The job search accountability club was born from numerous people telling us that this was the most difficult part of their search.

What have you got to lose?  A whole lot, considering how long it takes to land a job these days.

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