The Power of the Huddle. Who’s got your back?

This is a guest post / note from my wonderful friend and colleague Chandlee Bryan. She is working with an exciting new online Career Network, Startwire.  As a career coach, I am a huge proponent of using social networks such as Startwire, Linkedin and Twitter to manage your career. They can all do wonders for your job search, if you USE them actively .  Startwire is a Social Network Tool that is designed specifically to help you with your search. What are you waiting for?  I encourage you to sign up for yourself and see how you can benefit. For everyone who is afraid to go full force on Linkedin, out of a desire for privacy,  Startwire is your answer to helping you get out there and be more active, while having the support of your small, chosen group of cheerleaders and advisers. It is getting some great reviews. What have you got to lose? {To be clear, there is no financial incentive for me to help publicize this- I am doing so because I believe its a very innovative tool that could be of great support in your search.

A very valuable feature of Startwire: You can invite your Career Coach! Yes, to be a part of your “private posse” if you wish, and they will be able to give you direct feedback on your job search activity.  Join up, and invite me in. I would be happy to help. In the meantime, Let me welcome Chandlee!

“Finally a few sunny days. Isn’t it great to have some time without snow falling?

As I watched the Superbowl this past weekend, I couldn’t help think about the power of the huddle…

No matter how strong your support networks are, job search is hard, lonely and psychologically challenging. The MeetUp group is one way to make the job search feel less lonely, but as you all know–we meet sporadically enough that if this were your only source of support for your job search–you may feel like you are working without a net.

So I am pleased to announce that StartWire, a new job site is now in open beta and ready for you to sign up.

Through StartWire you can:

  • create a private network of trusted friends and mentors who “have your back.” Update the system and it will update your network.
  • get free advice on your career questions from a “live person” (I’m one of the people who answers questions on the site.)
  • share your resume in “one click” (This is only if you want to share it.)

Unlike many other social networks, StartWire is private. Only what you choose to share will be shared…and it will never appear in a Google search result.

Your Success,

Chandlee (Chandlee at startdatelabls.com )

P.S. Sign up for StartWire by midnight on Monday, Feb. 7, indicate your interests (job title, location and funding) and you’ll receive customized advice on the keywords to use to find relevant work for your job search. (StartWire’s co-founders are recruiting industry insiders who spent years training Fortune 500 recruiters on how to find candidates. Now they want to help you.)

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