The Gift of Networking & 7 Other Creative Ways to Give This December!

The holidays can be stressful at the best of times, but these economic times present both a challenge and an opportunity. We’re all getting used to the New Normal, or New New, as one of my friends like to call it.  The one consistent is that networking is the most valuable action you can take to help yourself in your job search or in your business.  Two years ago I was inspired to think of networking from a different perspective in the face of the harsh new economic realities we faced. Reflecting on the act of networking during a period of time where a lot of opportunities present itself  for engaging with new and old friends and colleagues, family and acquaintances, seemed pretty obvious. So, to get you inspired, here is the first of my series of GIFTS you can give to yourself and others, this December.

1. A Mindset of Giving

Networking is about building relationships, meaningful conversation, asking questions and listening. Engaging with purpose and intention. What a gift. Seems obvious, right,, but one of the biggest mistakes people make when networking is going into it with the mindset of “what can I get out of this?” No doubt, having a clear set of goals and what you want to gain from your networking efforts is very important, but that is not what it’s all about. A common assumption is the thinking that you don’t have anything to give back, particularly if you are not working. This is not true at all and in fact if you go into any environment where you are going to have the opportunity to connect with people, focusing on how you might be able to help someone else is what can really propel your networking efforts forward.

A mindset of giving is the foundation of truly successful networking. Developing your reputation as someone who is interested, helpful, and trustworthy will lead the way for others to willingly and generously want to help you in times of need. If this was not your understanding of networking before, what better time to start.  Two Gifts for the price of $0. Priceless.

Can you think of gift you would like to share with others this December? Please comment below, or if you would like to email me your thoughts – I would be happy to publish them here.  I welcome your contribution to my 21 days of creative giving this December.

For those reading this, who live close to my office in Stamford, CT I invite you for a lively and hopefully engaging discussion on the mindset of Networking. I know so many people still need to work on this, I hope you will join me. Read more about the Careerfolk Cafe on Tuesday 12/13 at 9.45. Networking and coffee at 9.30. I hope you can make it.


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