The Gift of Genuine Interest & Curiosity: Creative Gift Idea # 5

Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last. – Samuel Johnson

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. – Carl Sagan

For better or worse, I have always been intensely curious. I say “for better or worse” because curiosity has been known to get people into trouble, (poor cat!)  but I feel quite grateful for my innate sense of curiosity because without it, I am sure there would be a lot I wouldn’t know, and people I would never meet. I can’t imagine where I would / or WOULDN’T (for that matter) be now!

What about you? Are you naturally curious? If not, here are some tips on how to take advantage of this busy holiday party time, and use curiosity to max your time networking. How can you use curiosity to benefit you while you are in job search mode? Here are some suggestions so that you can leverage the holiday parties over the next week. Find out who is going to be at your various networking events by calling your friends, perusing the evite invitations, or Meetup.com RSVP’s, and then select 1 or 2 acquaintances (or more, per party) who you have always wanted to get to know better but haven’t had the chance. You’ve seen these people at networking events before and you know a little about them and want to know more because they do something you are interested in, worked a company you are exploring, or they are just interesting. If you know they will be at a party you are going to, do some research (No this is not snooping, just a little networking preparation). This way, you will be able to engage in some meaningful conversation, and be ready with some strategic questions that might help you learn more about a company you are interested in, or about their particular expertise. By having learned a little about them, make your acquaintance feel special, and interested in what they do and have to offer, without asking too many questions. Most people loved to be asked advice, and are generally very willing to share their knowledge with interested parties. So, show your genuine interest, and you just might reap the rewards of a more fulfilling conversation.

I would love to hear if you use these suggestions and they work! Drop us a line.  Even better, give us a thumbs up (Like) on Facebook. Thank you!

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