The Gift of Expressing Thanks:Creative Gift Idea #6

Even though we may often get caught up in our own needs and desires, most of us do genuinely try to help others.  But do we recognize when others have helped us?  And beyond that, do we even think to thank them?  Sometimes the help we receive, an insightful suggestion, a new idea, an encouragement, an opportunity to help another which results in our helping ourselves far more than the other, remains below our cognitive radar.  Recently, a friend allowed me the opportunity to “help” her by writing a few pieces for her website.  Writing has been something I have had as a career goal for as long as I can remember, but I never actually felt I had “officially” started it.  But by writing for my friend and seeing my words in print, psychologically, I felt my writing career had been launched.  The opportunity my friend gave me to “help” her has helped me and set me on my course in a much greater way than my simple writing could possibly have contributed to her.  Let us try to remember the good we have received and take this holiday season to express genuine gratitude.  In so doing, we will contribute to the circle of positive energy and help create a truly joyous season.

By Camille Kramer

Camille, I am so grateful to you for embracing this idea and thrilled to have you as a guest blogger. I am sure my readers would agree, you are a wonderful writer.

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