The Fresh Start Ritual: How the Jewish New Year Tradition can save your job search

Most days we go through our lives at a rapid pace. Rare is the moment that we have the opportunity to sit down and think about the day ahead or the day that passed.  Our job search becomes part of the rhythm of the day. Just as we rush to make certain appointments, we e-mail resumes and cover letters on auto pilot. While this approach to life and your job search is understandable, sometimes it is important to stop the daily grind and take a moment to think. When was the last time you evaluated your job search efforts. Are you satisfied with your job search efforts and feel like you are doing everything you could be doing to be successful.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up.  According to Jewish custom, it is a time of deep introspection and it is also the opportunity for taking time to think. While the secular new year focuses on goal setting and of course having fun, the Jewish new year is the a time of reflection and thought.  Reflecting, in the Jewish context, consists of looking back the past year and thinking about your past actions. For example, what went right last year? What went wrong? How could I make improvements? How can I improve my relationships? The answers are not necessarily black or white, but the thought process helps to put life in perspective and gives us the opportunity to improve.

While the Jewish people are reflecting, I thought it would be appropriate for you to reflect. is a wonderful opportunity to see where you are in your job search and where you should be going. Use the questions below to reflect and take stock in your current job search.

  • If you have felt stuck and frustrated, what effort have you made to get out of your rut?
  • Have you learned or expanded your knowledge of LinkedIn or Twitter as a job search tool?
  • Have you made a systematic effort to nurture your network?
  • Have you reached out to others for help.
  • If you are still unhappy in your job, what efforts have you made to change your situation?
  • Have you looked at your resume and really thought about the message you are sending to potential employers? Is your value proposition clearly articulated?
  • Have you read a new book that might help you understand recent trends in job searches?
  • What new steps have you taken over the summer to advance your job search?
  • What could you do better?

While these questions may seem overwhelming, they are imperative in order to breakthrough as a prime candidate for potential employers.  After all, if you continue to do the same things without taking a deep serious look at your actions, you are missing the opportunity to improve.  According to Jewish custom, it is not necessary to be perfect or live a mistake free life. On the contrary, Judaism expects mistakes and imperfections. In these moments of imperfections though, it asks that you take stock and seek to improve.  With this in mind, take stock  and reflect on your job search and seek to improve and expand your efforts.

To all my Jewish clients, colleagues and friends, I wish you a happy and a healthy new year!

Ready to breathe in, and take a Hard look at your job search. Go Do it!


2 Comments on “The Fresh Start Ritual: How the Jewish New Year Tradition can save your job search

  1. Sounds great and yet I’m temping 9-6pm Mon-Fri so cannot attend. Enjoy!

    How is JumpStart going?

    Diane Barton

  2. Ritual is so undervalued today. This sounds like a spirited application of an honored process. Thanks.

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