Spark & Hustle- The Antidote To The New Economy!

There must have been a huge glow over the tri-state area two weeks ago. It was the end of the New York City Spark & Hustle conference hosted by Tory Johnson and the sparks were flying. She had brought together more than 150 women — a wide range of small (and a few big) business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and a line-up of some of the most interesting and creative (and need I say, successful) speakers I’ve seen in a long time. We had all come to learn, be inspired and to network. We were not disappointed.

Just being in the same room as some of these courageous and ambitious people made it seem as if anything is possible, and I guess that is the point. Anything is possible! You just need to decide to do it or as Seth Godin said recently “Pick yourself.” As a career coach, everyday I meet people who are waiting to be “picked’ for their next gig.  Others are stuck, dissatisfied and battling the “what if” paralysis when I suggest the idea of starting their own gig.  “But…nobody can just start a business” is the protest in your head, or may be the words coming out of your significant others mouth. “You need an MBA for that,” “You need a LOT of money to start a business,” “And anyway, I have no idea what I would do.”  Sound familiar?

What most people don’t realize is that all it takes is one idea!  You don’t have to be (and you’re not going to be) a Bill Gates or Mary Kay right out of the gate!  You just need to be you, and with a little spark, you can learn how to hustle.  There is no doubt, a learning curve- and I don’t think that ever stops – and did I say running your own business is hard work?  But, (and that is a good but) you can learn how to do it. However, you can’t start to learn it until you overcome the barriers and self-doubt that get in your way.

My work over the years has focused on helping people find their ideal work most of the time in the form of a job. Today I stress that the “job” you desire can be one you create yourself. No joke, You can be your own boss. You already are as the “manager” of your own career. It’s just a matter of what you plan to do about it.The first lesson I want to share and it was truly confirmed at the Spark & Hustle conference.

There is no such thing as: “I can’t start a business, because I have nothing to sell.”

At Spark and Hustle, I met business owners of all types. I met many mompreneurs. Shannon Wilburn inspired by an idea from what she knew from growing up – buying clothes on consignment. Would you think that such an idea could grow into a profitable business? Try a $15 million franchise business.  Rosie Battista translated her own weight loss story into an income stream and now teaches others how to get healthy too with a really fun and inspired approach she calls eating naked after forty

The key is to start with what you know. Or with what’s hot. If you love to cook or bake, did you know Cupcakes are the hottest commodity on the street and Vscupcakery is not sitting back because others are doing it too. Nor is the Cupcake dude or Marlo Scott of NYC’s Sweet Revenge fame. If you are a foodie, read Leslie Lampert’s story of how she created a successful business making wholesome homemade meals at ladeloflove.com. I met Sherry Mckay, the creator of  Best Darn Kettle Corn. There is a valuable message right there. If you believe in what you are selling, then you can make anyone believe in it too. And those kettle corn people know this well:  “What was just a kernel of an idea is now a thriving business” is in big letters on their website. And darn good it is.

Even if you don’t have an idea for a business yet, get the greatest kickstart with the spark and hustle conference.   Sign up for one of the last few S &H conferences and get 10% off any payment type>>Use this code:  HOSTDONNA. I guarantee that you will be inspired and learn more than you could imagine.

For more lessons learned at the amazing Spark & Hustle conference, and the myths that might be preventing you from creating something for yourself, check back here soon. Also, I am looking forward to sharing more hands on tips on making the most of Social Media to market yourself-here and on my Facebook page –so please join me there.

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