Starting Your Own Business: The Money Myth {Spark & Hustle Inspiration # 2}

The belief that one needs a “lot of money” to start a business is widely held. From what I learned at the Spark & Hustle

Conference last month, as well as from what I have read, it’s not true. It really takes just one “spark” or in the case of the Best Darn Kettle Corn, a “kernel” of an idea, and no doubt a whole lot of persistence and “sweat equity,” as Gary Vaynerchuck of Wine Library fame passionately states. In the new age and opportunity of social media, it’s  “your effort to optimize the power of the Internet and social media.”  Gary Vaynerchuck, took his families little New Jersey brick and mortar liquor store, and created an empire with the help of Youtube. It cost him nothing but his time. Tory Johnson started her amazing company out of her apartment, with nothing but her telephone, computer and a whole lot of motivation.

Look at Big Mama Leanne’s inspiring story and what you can do if you really are determined to make things happen. Leanne Queen was ready to make big changes to her financial and physical health but didn’t have the financial resources to invest in her main tool – a lawnmower. On Tory’s suggestion, she harnessed the power of  Crowdfunding, which combined with the force of social media, anything is possible. Sites such as www.indiegogo.com allow you to generate small amounts of money for your business idea from lots of people, instead of one lump sum from a single source. Leanne followed through and created a great looking blog (all free: Google’s free blog application, blogger.com, and thecutestblogontheblock.com) and achieved her target of $2,500.00 and is now ready to launch Big Mama’s Mowin’. Go Leanne!

Need more proof and ideas of how others have done it, check out the recent MORE magazine article which highlighted four businesses that were created for less than $150 in the last three years and are now thriving income streams grossing between $60,000 and $150,000 respectively (that’s within the first few years!).

There are also other places to get financial help if you have a big idea and you know how to sell it. I was introduced for the first time to Nell Merlino who is a leading figure in the movement for advocating for women in the world of work. If you haven’t heard her name before, she is the founder of Take Your Daughter To Work Day. She has also created a phenomenal competition for women, Make Mine a Million $ Business, which allows you to pitch your business with the chance of winning access to funding and coaching that will help you build and grow your business idea.

Yes, you do need those green bills to start a business, but if you have enough “sweat equity”, motivation, energy and the minimum amount of money to generate something, you might be surprised at how it can turn out. These stories are good enough for me.

Got a small business you are trying to get off the ground, don’t miss the chance to attend one of the next Spark & Hustle Conference, its a small investment for a truly great return.  Let me know if you are interested and email me for a discount code (worth 10% off the program) or if you would like to discuss a business idea you are considering.  I love helping people generate ideas. One of my missions  is to help people to embrace the idea of Multiple Streams of Income! Are you ready? I would love to hear from you to help you take that next step! Drop me a line in the comments, or email me: Donna  at careerfolk dot com

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