How to Tell Your Story

Telling your Story


Do you get stuck trying to explain your job transition?

Do you freeze up when asked: “So, what are you doing these days?”

Whether you are interviewing, networking or on a panel interview it is essential to quickly engage your audience and convey your value. One of the hardest things job seekers and career changers struggle with is how to tell their story.

In this chaotic world of sound bytes & social media, we still need context.  But people connect to stories, they don’t connect to sound bytes. And telling your story is more than just the three bullet points in your pitch.

“Storytelling captivates and personalizes; it’s compelling and it creates a connection.  In a multi-tasking world, it holds people’s attention.  These stories can be used to prove that the job seeker can meet & exceed expectations.” 2011 Career Thought Leaders white paper on career trends

If you are tired of being stuck with what to say about where you are, and what you are going to do next, then this workshop is for you!

  • Telling Your Story will help you identify clear steps to telling a concise & compelling story
  • Telling Your Story will help you make a strong impression and connect more quickly to others

It takes a strong personal brand to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace and a good story is at the heart of every strong brand. What is your story?