Dare To Tweet For Job Search Series + Bonus Facebook session





I have the answer you’ve been looking for.

Twitter is no laughing matter in today’s tough economy.

In fact, Twitter as a job search tool is one of the Biggest & Best-Kept Secrets Ever!

So if you’re REALLY SERIOUS about Landing Your Next Job FASTER,

Sign up now and I’ll show you How to use Twitter to speed up your Job Search!

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You’ll Learn the Secrets of How Twitter can help you..

-Network & make connections with anyone in your field
-Access to the hidden job market
-Help people find you and your resume
-Gain Exposure to companies you’ve never heard of
-Build your brand
-Real Time Feed of jobs or internships
-Keep up to date with current information in your field
-Be one click away from the guru network
-Be able to promote yourself or your business, for just a few minutes a day, cost to you $0.
-Be able to say, “I  landed a job in two hundred tweets” (Brandon Savage did).
And no one will ever be able to say “You’re too old for this job.”

Be the early bird that gets the worm.

Take the leap, and join me on June 20th, 27th, July 11th  @ 1-2 p.m.

+ BONUS Session: Wednesday July 18th! How to Use Facebook for Job Search!!

Curious?  Can you afford not to be?

Investment: $97

Being able to say “I landed a job in 200 Tweets”: Priceless

Donna Sweidan Interviewed after her Twitter presentation at Rutgers University



In this Workshop You’ll learn How :

  1. How to access the hidden job market
  2. How to optimize this “Barrier Breaking” tool
  3. How to maintain your privacy and security.
  4. Which are the best job search apps to use for your search
  5. How to search this dynamic database for critical information for your job search.
  6. How to find the recruiters who are looking for the skills you have, and how to help them find you!
    and much much more.

Join me starting June 27 to learn how to land a job with the help of Twitter!

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About Donna Sweidan

Career coach Donna Sweidan, MCC, LMHC, is a LinkedIn and Twitter specialist, and owner of Careerfolk, a provider of holistic career management services. Donna is a certified Twitter Specialist and contributor to The Twitter Job Search Guide.

She has spent the past 15 years taking her clients on a journey from soul search to social search. She guides job seekers and career changers through in-depth self-assessments to help them find their life purpose, then teaches them to leverage social media to promote themselves. A prime example of practicing what she preaches, Donna’s own digital footprint has led to more than 50 percent of her new business, multiple media interviews, and two appearances on NYTV’s Jobhunt as a Social Media & Job Search Expert.

You can find out more about Donna on linkedin.com/in/donnasweidan , Facebook.com/careerfolk and twitter.com/careerfolk

Let her help you be found too.