MissionSmallBusiness Competition: Winning, Losing and Lessons Learned

A couple of months ago many of you were gracious enough to answer my call for support in a competition for small businesses. The prize: $250,000 to be exact. Too enticing not to try, and in fact 70,000 other people felt the same way. (Yes, no errors there) If you think about it, trying to win a competition like this is like applying for the most popular job ever {Smile}. I worked quite hard on my proposal, but I knew my chances were slim. Nonetheless, I felt inspired by the idea of being able to take my business to the next level. I am passionate about the work I do, and wanted to do what I could to help it grow. I threw my hat in the game and a rigorous one it was.

Alas, I did not win, but I did learn 3 important things that I think can apply very well to the career management process in general.

1. The importance of stepping out of our comfort zones. Whether looking for a job, or working for one-self to truly grow, we need to stretch beyond what’s safe into the unfamiliar and, yes a little scary. What type of “risk” have you taken lately that can you help you take your career to the next level?

2. Ask for help. It takes a village to help grow a career or business and I needed some help to do make my proposal happen. Colleagues and business coaches all stepped in to provide me with advice. A shout out to Debra Woog and Ann Strong who were amazing. (Hey, we all need coaches!) I also asked YOU for your vote and you gave it. I am especially grateful for that. What I find is that job seekers don’t realize that it all it takes is one person who might know one person who can help them. Don’t be shy, just be polite, and gracious and  you won’t be turned away.

3. Don’t give up. Lastly, I didn’t win the Mission Small Business competition, 12 other amazing businesses did. Read about them here and be inspired by their simplicity, and by what is possible. but I continue to work hard and take steps to share my knowledge and expertise as much as can, knowing that what I do will make a difference. And I want to encourage each of you not to give up. When the job search gets especially trying, just try something new. That’s what this article is all about.

In my most recent blog, I talk about how to Create Your Own Job. (I think my most important article yet). Whether we like it or not, we are all our own bosses. Living in a world where every job is temporary, the title is already bestowed on us and its up to each of us as to what we do with it. Please take a look at my new blog, as I think it carries some great tips for everyone, whether you are in job search or not.

PS. While posting my new article on How to Become Your Own Job Creator, I was playing around on the net and discovered that one of my favorite blog posts from last year was acknowledged as one of the Best Blog Posts of 2011- by two different websites: Jobmob.com and TribeHR. Being quite sick at the beginning of the year,  I completely missed this!  That article is the precursor to this post and I want you to read that.. I’ll  be re-posting the other one again, later. So, please go and read this new article about What it means to be Your Boss in this new economy. and let me know what you think!!!! Thank You!


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