Mining for gold on LinkedIn. It’s not just an online resume.

On Friday I sat with a client who is making a career change from being a College Professor back to his earlier career in Investment Management. It has been many years since he worked in this field, and he has somewhat of a network, but in this environment, he can’t rely on this old network. He has to work on expanding his it significantly. After working on improving the branding and SEO (Search engine Optimization) aspects of his LinkedIn Profile, I wanted to introduce my client to a very valuable area in LinkedIn that many people don’t know about -and for good reason. It’s buried.. deep. The Events Calendar is an incredibly valuable tool hidden on LinkedIn with all the Apps.

At first glance you may not get excited, but let me tell you what you can find, and you might want to log in immediately.
After activating his Calendar, we typed in the specific keywords relevant to his current search. In this case “Socially Responsible Investment”. About 21 events appeared in the results. Working quickly, I chose one that looked especially intriguing and relevant and noted that in addition to the LinkedIn member names it gives you of who might be attending the conference , it also gave us a link to the conference website. After perusing the site for a minute, I noticed a curious link: Conference attendees! Yes! Can you imagine, to my clients’ and my great delight, we had just stumbled upon a list of 171 leaders in field he was very interested in.
Haven’t dug up the Events calendar on LinkedIn yet? Go do it now.. Need some guidance on navigating (or should we say digging around) LinkedIn, and other social media tools to help you dig up such valuable information. Join the Careerfolk Café for our weekly talks.

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