Is LinkedIn Working For You? Learn how and go from Linkedin’ to Workin’

Okay, I know you’ve all heard us Career Coaches wax lyrical about Linkedin, but its still not working for you, so you wonder what all the hoopla is about. I hear this all the time. Most Linkedin Users, aren’t REALLY users. I hate to say it folks, but it’s true. Like any tool, if you are not getting results, you’re not doing it right. The same goes for dieting! right? Not a fun analogy, I know, but it works the same way, if you are eating what you are supposed to be eating, you’ll lose weight.

Okay! so What are you, or Aren’t you doing with LInkedIn? I bet it’s what you ARE NOT doing, rather than what you are, that’s causing the problems. So here is my simple 10 C-Rule  checklist – You got more indepth info on the first five in the blog post just before. Take a look. What do you think? Learn some new nuggets?   Then look at the next five. What are you doing? What aren’t you doing to help make yourself stand out in the crowd? There are over a 101 Million users now on LInkedIn, It’s become the new resume, and the new job board. How can you make it work for you?
Start by going through my checklist. How do you fare? Need some help clarifying what these mean?

The Careerfolk LinkedIn 10-C Rule Checklist











Maybe you are stuck and need some help figuring out the nuances, nooks and crannies that are not very easy to understand on your own? Please join me for the LInkedIn Intensive Part of my Social Media Bootcamp. I’m dedicating 3.5 hours to solid LinkedIn excavation that will help you understand what it is you should be doing to make this tool WORK FOR YOU!   Learn more here or scroll down to the bottom of the page and read what others have said about my training.

Or take charge of your job search right now and you will feel relieved . It’s time to move your career forward, and this is  one of the tools that can help you.

Most people leave feeling empowered and confident once they take my LinkedIn training. I look forward to helping you too.

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