Most Requested Programs

Social Media Strategy, Job Search & Career Management.

  • How to tweet, friend and link your way to fame and fortune, or just a better job.
  • Finding & Defining You Online:  How and where to establish a professional online identity for career & job search success.
  • The New Job Search Paradigm: 6 Steps to Standing out in the Crowd.
  • The work is out there. Are you the one they’ll find?  How to Market yourself in the New Economy.
  • The lost art and new science of Networking: 10 things every professional should know about using Social Media to land their next job and manage their career today.

Individual Workshops on Social Media & Career Management:

  • From LinkedIn to Workin’: 10 Steps to optimizing your LinkedIn Profile.
  • How to Tweet Your Way to Job Search & Career Success
  • Facebook for Your Job Search  Alternative Topics
  • Working in the New Economy: How to Build Income Security in a World Without Job Security
  • Psychology of the Job Search:“Fishful thinking” Career wisdom found on the back of a Goldfish box
  • What to do when you are “between jobs” : Ten Tips for surviving the long-term job search.

Expanded Outlines for most popular workshops:

How to tweet, link and friend your way to fame and fortune…or just a better job.

In this “new economy” ‘your Google results are your new resume” and the “job search” is not so much a search as it is a self-promotion and social networking process. Are you playing by these new rules? Social media has revolutionized how we do everything and that includes finding a new job or a new career. If used correctly, social networking tools can be the stepping-stone to a new gig, or alternative income streams.

Join Donna Sweidan for an engaging conversation on why everyone should be Tweeting, Friending and Linking if they are serious about landing a new job, changing careers or starting a small business.

From LinkedIn to Workin’: 10 Steps to Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile.

According to Dick Bolles of What Color is your parachute fame, your Google results are your new resume.  In this new world, Social media is the launch pad to establishing your visibility and credibility and LinkedIn, are not only the new job boards but also the new rolodex, and personal PR tools  that every individual needs to manage, in order to advance their career or find new work.

In this overview of LinkedIn you’ll learn smart, savvy, and cutting edge 21st century job search strategies to distinguish yourself and get ahead of the competition!

How to Tweet Your Way to Career & Job Search Success.

Twitter is no laughing matter in today’s tough economy. In fact, Twitter as a job search tool is one of biggest & best-kept secrets ever. You’ll Learn the Secrets of How Twitter can help you:

Network & make connections with anyone in your field
Access to the hidden job market
Help people find you and your resume
Gain Exposure to companies you’ve never heard of
Build your brand
Real Time Feed of jobs or internships
Keep up to date with current information in your field
Be one click away from the guru network
Build relationships with people in your industry all over the world whom you would never know existed?
Be able to promote yourself or your business, for just a few minutes a day, cost to you $0.

And you just might be able to say “I  landed a job in two hundred tweets”  Just like Brandon Savage did!

The Lost Art and New Science of Networking: 10 things every professional should know about networking to land their next job and build their career today.

Networking remains the most important step in safeguarding your career and achieving your professional goals.   Despite this undeniable reality, most people still struggle with the concept of networking  and don’t know where to start. Many are mislead by their own misconceptions as to what networking is and even more confused today when there are so many different things one should be doing and ways to do it. In the seminal book, How to be a star at Work, Robert Kelley notes that networking and gaining access to the “guru Network” is one of the key strategies for success.

Donna Sweidan dispels common myths about networking and takes you through the most important and effective steps to networking today and what you can do to get access to the Guru Network. You will learn why you need to be building your network online, but still make time to meet in person. In this presentation you will learn cutting edge techniques to expand you network where you never need to get out of you pajamas, but how you cannot forget to incorporate old fashion “pressing the flesh” as an integral part to building relationships.
You will learn simple strategies that will help you start building relationships and help you connected with people you never thought possible.

Job Search 2.0: Social Media and the Job Search, Finding & Defining You Online:

  • How and where to establish an online identity,
  • What you need to know to stand out of the crowd and be found.

“Your Google results are your new resume”  The New Job Search Paradigm: 6 Steps to Standing out in the Crowd.

Today’s intensely competitive job market calls for a new approach, a radical shift in thinking that demands that job seekers reconfigure their role in their career management and that they press reboot on their job search strategy.  Learn how you can distinguish yourself from the competition with a new way of thinking and tools that will get you found, and not lost in the crowd.

From LinkedIn to Workin’: 10 Steps to optimizing your LinkedIn Profile (Workshop)

Can be 1/2/3/ 4 hours

LinkedIn Intensive: Integrating Smart Job Search Strategy with LinkedIn.

According to Dick Bolles of What Color is your parachute fame, your Google results are your new resume.  In this new world, Social media is the launch pad to establishing your visibility and credibility and LinkedIn, along with Twitter and Facebook are not only the new job boards but also the new Rolodex, and the personal PR tools  that every individual needs to manage. Learn smart, savvy, and cutting edge 21st century job search strategies to distinguish yourself and get ahead of the competition!

The stats speak for themselves:
•    80% of employers use LinkedIn to screen job candidates
•    48% use Facebook
•    26% use Twitter
•    over 83% of recruiters state they source talent for job openings through these same social sites

Learn how to integrate smart job search and self promotion strategies with LinkedIn’s most effective tools and features.

The new reality is this:

  • Your new Rolodex is on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook A strong network is the ultimate career insurance
  • Your brand and value must be clearly and consistently defined across all social media platforms

Work in the New Economy: How to Build Income Security in a World Without Job Security

In current times job security  is a thing of the past. Instead, workers travel from employer to employer, with the average job lasting only two years. The world’s new economy calls for a whole new way of thinking and stretching beyond one’s comfort zone. This workshop will share tips on generating work and income without needing to wait for the elusive traditional job offer. In this discussion, we will discuss the key trends, the tools, and the mindset one needs to stop seeking job security and start building income security.

Psychology of the Job Search: Effective Career Strategies for Clients with Mental Health issues and other Psychology of the Job Search topics.

Relevant for both college staff and Students

“Fishful thinking”

Career wisdom found on the back of a Goldfish box

What to do when you are “between jobs” : Ten tips for surviving the long-term job search.

At a time when the job search can last for an average of 40 weeks, it takes a certain skill and level of courage to keep going without giving up, getting overwhelmed and discouraged. This workshop provides a fresh look at how to approach the long-term job search. Not only will it identify way to help you re-calibrate your job search but also your mood with valuable insights and techniques that will make you feel better and lead to attracting what you want.  Learn concrete solutions that will put you on top, while the markets continue to hit bottom.


Career CoachBio

Donna Sweidan is the founder of Careerfolk,  a provider of holistic career management services which includes unique blend of psychological counseling and concrete coaching that takes her clients on a journey from soul search to job search. Donna guides job seekers and career changers through in-depth self-exploration to help them find or create fulfilling and meaningful work. Donna is also a big advocate for helping job seekers leverage social media to accelerate their job search and long-term career success, and is described as empowering, informative and inspirational.

With a Masters in Counseling from New York University and training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Donna is always wearing her therapeutic hat. When her clients are ready, she then empowers them with the knowledge they need to conduct a 21st century job search and the tools to develop their professional online identity for long term career insurance. Donna’s own digital footprint has led to more than 50 percent of new business, multiple media interviews, and appearances on CNN and NYTV’s Jobhunt as a Social Media & Job Search Expert.

She is a contributor to The Twitter Job Search Guide and has been quoted and featured in various major news outlets including CNN, New York Times, International Business Times, Fortune.com, FoxBusiness.com, Daily News, New York Daily News, Fairfield Parent and The Stamford Advocate. Donna was the founding Director of Career Services at the New School. A native of South Africa, she is based in Stamford, CT and works with clients around the world.

Selected Speaking Engagements

  • Project Management Institute of Westchester
  • Fairfield County Public Relations Association
  • Fashion Group International
  • CT Press Club
  • Out professionals
  • Triangle Center of Connecticut
  • Columbia University Alumni Career Services
  • Barnard College Alumni of CT
  • Baruch College Alumni Career Services
  • Manhattanville College, Career Services
  • Purchase College, SUNY
  • NYU Career Services
  • CT Women’s Business Development Center
  • New York Public Library Career Series
  • Greenwich Library
  • Stamford Library
  • Monroe Library
  • Russell Library
  • Career Development Specialist Network
  • Association of Career Professional, International
  • Women At Work Network
  • Darien Professionals Networking Group
  • Westchester Career Counseling Network
  • Africa expo
  • NAFSA Conference
  • EACE Career Conference
  • MACCA Career Conference
  • Norwalk Community College, Continuing Education
  • Darien Continuing Education
  • Stamford Continuing Education
  • Jewish Family Services Westchester
  • Temple Beth El Networking Group


Additional Testimonials can be found at www.linkedin.com/in/donnasweidan

“Donna presented for our graduating seniors and alumni on Self-Branding and Social Media Networking via LinkedIn. With extensive knowledge of online professional networking, Donna was able to share key strategies that students need to employ regarding creating an online professional profile, branding themselves, build important group networks, and connect with potential employers. Her talk was thorough, lively and very informative. The feedback we received from students was overwhelmingly positive and we would welcome the opportunity to bring Donna Sweidan back to Purchase! Many of our students and alumni connected with Donna after her presentation as they applied what they learned. I would highly recommend Donna as one of the “consummate LinkedIn” experts in the career coaching field!”
Wendy Morosoff, Director of Career Development, Purchase College

“I just wanted to let you know that I thought your presentation at the bootcamp session on LInkedIn was terrific. Although I had heard others speak about the topic, your session was by far more informative and empowering.”
Marcy Juran, Marketing Communications Professional

“Donna gave an outstanding Webinar on LinkedIn to the entire Five O’clock Club membership. Although already knowledgeable about LinkedIn, I personally learned a lot of new information from Donna’s webinar that would help me to use this network to reach my career goals. I heard similar feedback from other attendees as well. The success of Donna’s presentation rested not only on her knowledge of the material, but on her exceptional organization, delivery, use of live examples, and her great sense of humor! I think anyone seeking to effectively manage their career would benefit from Donna’s program.”
Rob Hellman, Career Coach, VP, Five O’Clock Club

“I have connected with Donna as a career coach in many of her workshops this past year. I cannot possibly say enough about her. Her inventive personable style gets everyone’s attention. Her extensive knowledge of social networking sites makes them easy to understand and fun to do-even for the technically challenged. like myself. She treats everyone as though they were her most important client and to her-they are. I would recommend her to anyone.
Deborah Stone, Recruiter

“Your workshop today was amazing. The conversation triggered new ways of looking at the online presence I currently have.” Alana Dais Manga
Donna Sweidan is a dynamic and effective evangelist for using social networking (including linked-in) for supporting business and career objectives. Her explanations of tthe “why” and the “how” are clear and helpful.
Susan Werbin, Career Counselor

“I want to recommend Donna as a Linkedin trainer and coach. She did an excellent job at the ACP Forum explaining the ins and outs of Linkedin. Not only she is very knowledgable about her subject matter, but she is an excellent presenter. She is also, generous with her time and knowledge. Judit Price , Career Consultant

“Donna enthralled and inspired the Connecticut Press Club with her demonstration on using LinkedIn for career advancement and new sources. She’s engaging and is a superb communicator. We got great feedback about her and the presentation she gave. We were lucky to have her and consider her one of our most memorable speakers.
Sherry Shameer Cohen, President, CT Press Club