Phase 1.  Assessment

>1 OR 2 Hour Session

Do you have a quick question or do you need some insight into a job search or a career transition? Not sure if you have made the right decision and need some objective advice in a hurry?  This session is designed to answer any quick questions you have.

  • Setting up your online identity including LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogging or Visual CV
  • Preparing for an evaluation
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Making a decision about future educational endeavors
  • Trying to figure out graduate school

>Get on the right Career Track Package

This package is right for someone who is trying to determine a career path (entry level), or make a career change, whether it is a completely different interest, a move to a different industry, or a new function in the same industry. This is a counseling process that is best done over time. Depending on your situation, this process might happen quickly or at a slower pace. Outcomes: Assessment Package + Career Exploration Counseling + Job Search Coaching

  • 8 hours of coaching + Assessment package Included to get you started
  • Assessment package including Personality, Skills, Interests, Values  (MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Disc Assessment ($300 value)
  • Initial session= 1.5-2 hours
  • Helping you narrow down your focus to specific career paths.
  • Identify key information and people needed to pursue new career path.
  • Analyze and gain insight to barriers impeding your progress
  • Networking plan of action with introduction to extensive international CareerFolk network to help you connect with people that can assist you in your exploration and research.
  • Short and long-term goals
  • Establishing or refining your online identity including LinkedIn, Visual CV, Twitter, etc.
  • Must be used within 3 months in order for coaching to be effective.
  • Additional Job Search coaching sessions at hourly rate

Phase 2. Promote Yourself

>Build your Marketing Material Package

You know exactly what you want to do or you think you do, but your job search is not moving forward. Maybe you are ready to pursue your life purpose, but don’t have the right resume and you are feeling stuck. This package provides you with the essential components needed for Today’s job search.

Outcomes: Job Search Evaluation + Resume + Cover Letter+ LinkedIn Profile + TWITTER and/or VisualCV .

  • 3 hours of coaching
  • Evaluation of job search strategy and insight to barriers to the job search process
  • Career assessments to analyze and or confirm your skills, strengths and value proposition.
  • Clarification of long and short-term goals
  • Resume review & rewrite: What is required to make it pop? Creation of a value proposition and Accomplishment-based resume
  • Introduction to the T- Cover Letter
  • A thorough online identity audit and analysis. Assessment, creation and/or update of LinkedIn, VisualCV,  Twitter and your professional online identity (as appropriate)
  • Networking plan of action
  • Free access to job search support groups
  • Additional Job Search Coaching hours at hourly rate
  • **(Professionals at the executive level might be given a separate quote for their resume to be pro-rated with this package)**

>Resume Development Only

Ideally, developing your resume is done as part of a broader process, but job seekers wishing to solely produce a professional resume will receive also receive self-assessment exercises critical to helping us identify your strengths, value proposition and key skills.

  • Creating a branded value proposition
  • Also available: Establishment of your 3d Resume: How to LinkedIn, VisualCV, Blog, Twitter

Phase 3. The Job Search Success Package

>3-Hour Action Plan Session

Have you been relying on the same tired techniques in your job hunt without getting the results you need? Maybe it’s time to assess your situation and devise a new more effective strategy to move forward. Explore your job search tactics and techniques in a targeted, fast track 3-hour session (or 2 x 90 minutes) designed to give you the quick analysis, and answers you need to pick up the momentum in your search, or get your career change on track.    Outcomes: Job search Discussion +analysis   + Laser focused Coaching +Strategy + Action Plan

>Ongoing Job Search Support & Strategy

The job search process is one of the most grueling experiences.  One of the ten biggest mistakes job seekers make is not getting professional help. Don’t make this search last longer than it already is.   The average job search takes approximately 8 months today. Beat the odds, and get the help to move you forward. If you are serious about finding a job, this package will pay for itself before the job “honeymoon” is even over. Outcomes: Ongoing Coaching and support every step of the way including quick telephone & email questions.

  • 4 coaching sessions (in-person or phone) + quick email and telephone question in between sessions
  • Ongoing Job search Analysis and insight into barriers impeding your progress or what to do next.
  • Networking plan of action with introduction to extensive international Careerfolk network
  • Access to all Job Search Support groups & workshops!

>Individual Job Search Coaching sessions

  • Job search Analysis and insight into barriers impeding your progress or what to do next.
  • Networking plan of action with introduction to extensive international Careerfolk network
  • Access to all Job Search Support groups & workshops!

Phase 4: Ongoing Career Management

  • Long term Long-term education & training analysis
  • Ongoing career advice
  • Transition Assistance

Not sure where you are going? Figuring out what is next:

Entrepreneurship Coaching

Have an idea that you cannot get out of your head?  Are you ready to turn to your “plan B” and stop working for someone else?  Maybe you know you want to start your own business, but you are at a loss about finding a business that works for you.  This package is for the entrepreneur who needs help hitting the ground running.  This is a step by step guide to building your own business including identifying options such as consulting, franchising, and buying or starting a business.

Graduate School coaching

Where do I go, How do I get there, where do I start?

  • Analysis: Do you go to graduate school? Which one?
  • How/ where/ What? Making choices
  • The application process
  • Statement of purpose
  • How to pay for it

College Bound: Personal Insight & Career Exploration for Success in College

College bound teens face a slew of pressures from exams to choosing the right college. This package is an opportunity to address career exploration before the college choice is finalized. Career counseling in high school helps focus your teen on the colleges that match their interests. As a result, the search narrows and yields the desired results of the right college for your child. Second, this package gives your teen the confidence, knowledge and tools they need to start building their career beginning the first day of college.   Most teens arrive at college with very little idea of how to advance their careers. College career centers are too busy trying to prepare their seniors to worry about their lost and confused freshman. Make sure your child makes their time in college count.  This self-reflection process will be very helpful in the college application process Before you spend thousands of dollars for college give the gift of insight and career awareness.

Additionally, we can help your teen with

  • College application essay
  • Creation of a compelling and concise resume.