Group Programs

There is an “84% success rate when job-search techniques are conducted in groups,  compared with a 15% lower rate when the same techniques are followed individually.   Richard Nelson Bolles, author “What Color is Your Parachute?”

Group Coaching is an affordable, effective way to get yourself unstuck and learn the tools you’ll need to land your perfect job – all in a supportive environment.

We offer several programs to meet your needs:

Soul Search To Job Search

We’ll take you from soul searching to job searching by helping you :

  1. Determine what you’re best at
  2. Determine what you’d be happiest doing
  3. And show you how to get there!

Our career exploration group will help guide you down the career path that will best utilize the skills you bring to the table, while helping you determine a new or alternative career paths that would help you start generating income, and start getting you doing what you love to do!

Careerfolk Cafe

Learn how to get your career on track: On-line, On-paper and In-person!

The Careerfolk Café is dedicated to helping you improve your job search:

ON-LINE: How to use social media tools to speed up your job search & build your career
IN-PERSON: How to improve your in person interactions and impact
ON-PAPER : What your resume and other marketing materials must say to attract attention.

All in a supportive, fun, engaging environment where you leave feeling greater confidence in the future and new connections to expand your LinkedIn network.

Jump Start Job Search Club

A Virtual & in-person Job Search Club

J.U.M.P.S.T.A.R.T. Join the club: Tweetup & get LinkedIn!

Job Seekers United staying Motivated and Proactive sharing Strategic and Thoughtful methods while staying Accountable to a Result-Oriented Targeted job search.

Direct Guidance & support on the most effective job search strategies that are going to help your unique situation.
Access to the online Jumpstart Networking Community and Careerfolk Linkedin Networking Group
Introductions to the extensive Careerfolk Network via Linkedin & Twitter
Access to all previously recorded classes and documents