Dog Days of Summer Job Search Packages

Dog Days of Summer Job Search Packages

Dog Days of Summer Job Search Packages

‘Dog Days of Summer’
Job Search Package Sale!

August 18 – 29th

It’s the dog days of summer. Are you suffering from a little job search procrastination?! I don’t blame you. It’s not easy to get motivated in the summer. Keep your motivation up as summer winds down.

Have you been feeling like:

  • You’re “behind the 8 Ball” with your job search activities?
  • Your job search is dragging on with no results?
  • You’re spinning your wheels on activities that are not yielding results?
  • You can’t afford to wait until the Fall to get things moving again?
  • You don’t really know what you want to be doing next in your career?
  • You don’t know where you should be looking any more for your next job?

If you answered “Yes,” then you are in the right place!

During August 18 – 29th, we are holding our ‘Dog Days of Summer’ Job Search Package Sale on 3 of our most popular services:

Package #1 —  Resume Refresher Package (1 90-minute session): $350 $250

This package is ideal if you need to take your existing resume and brush the dust off to ensure that it meets current requirements and is properly optimized so that you can be found in the valleys of the applicant-tracking systems.  (Please note: for a full re-design, a quote can be provided.)

Package #2 — Job Search Tune-up (2 90-minute sessions): $550 $450

This tune-up is just for you if you need guidance on where to focus the majority of your time and resources for your upcoming job search. If you are finding that you aren’t gaining any traction in your search, then this Job Search Tune-up is perfect.

Package #3 — What’s Next? (1 90-minute session): $350 $250

Take advantage of this special offer if you are trying to figure out where to go next and need a fresh perspective on your career options. Stop struggling or procrastinating with this decision and get help today with this 90-minute session!

All sessions will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with Careerfolk Coach, Tava Auslan, either virtually or in person (at the Stamford Office).

This is a limited offer, so be sure to sign up before the offer expires on August 29th.