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Why You Still Need a Professional Resume – Even in the Age of LinkedIn.


Why You Still Need a Professional Resume – Even in the Age of LinkedIn. You may have heard some chatter about LinkedIn profiles surpassing the value of resumes.  There is another camp that says the opposite; that resumes will always have a more important place than LinkedIn.  Like most areas with two points of view, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. …

What’s Keeping You Stuck #1: The Art of Self-Promotion


  We notice that there are many barriers to a successful job search and career management. One of the most challenging for people today, because it is still so new is the delicate art of self-promotion.  If you are resistant to the idea of putting yourself out there on the web, as is required for a successful job search and career management…

The Five Things Missing from Your Job Search

The Five Things Missing From Your Job Search Based on feedback from clients across the globe, we have identified these common barriers, challenges or mistakes in the search process. 1.Old-school resume 2.Out-of-date Job Search Methods 3. Networking Confusion 4. Skills Gap 5. Your Mindset 1. Old-school resume A number of people are relying on outdated resume norms such as objectives and templates. …

Out of Love with Your Job? 5 Tips for You.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone but finding the right mate is not the only search that strikes at your heart. Let’s face it, the reality of finding that one career that ignites your passion on a daily basis may be an overly idealistic view.  Sure, it’s possible, but as the term “misemployment” gains traction, we see so many people in jobs…

What Is Career Coaching And How Can It Help You?

The process of career coaching and counseling is still somewhat foreign to many people, but in this current economic climate, not knowing that there is a professional support out there and how they can help you will only cause prolonged unhappiness, and unnecessary job search struggles. If you’re sick with a chronic condition, you seek medical help, why not for your career? It affects every aspect of your life.

Recently I was interviewed by Demetrius Cheeks of Learnvest to find out what career coaches do, and how we can help people who are struggling with getting their career on track or succeed in difficult job search. In this interview with Demetrius I share my experiences as a Career Coach and how the art and science of career counseling can help prep you to compete against the millions of fellow job-seekers or find the right career fit.

We All Have To Do What? Career Advice you Might Not Like!

In today’s economy, you have to hustle!  Yes, as the song goes.  “Do The Hustle.” and yes, I know it’s a hassle (at least sometimes)  but times have changed and there’s been a huge shift in what you need to do to manage and expand your career prospects. You know this already. The issue is that we all need to get with…