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Put Yourself First (Even if You Think You Can’t)

Take a moment and think about all the people in your life that you feel some sense of responsibility for. If you were to map out a typical day, how much time would be spent doing things for yourself? Try to go beyond the nuts and bolts of adult responsibilities like bill paying and grocery shopping. I’m talking about experiencing moments where…

Spring Cleaning for Your Job Search – 6 Tips

Growing up, on the first warm day of Spring my mother and I would start an epic cleaning regime that lasted nearly the whole day. I am sure that I wasn’t as helpful as I’d like to believe but, in my head, I was integral to this operation. Windows were opened wide and rugs shaken outside in the sun. There were buckets…

What’s Keeping You Stuck #1: The Art of Self-Promotion

  We notice that there are many barriers to a successful job search and career management. One of the most challenging for people today, because it is still so new is the delicate art of self-promotion.  If you are resistant to the idea of putting yourself out there on the web, as is required for a successful job search and career management…

The Fresh Start Ritual: How the Jewish New Year Tradition can save your job search

Most days we go through our lives at a rapid pace. Rare is the moment that we have the opportunity to sit down and think about the day ahead or the day that passed.  Our job search becomes part of the rhythm of the day. Just as we rush to make certain appointments, we e-mail resumes and cover letters on auto pilot….