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Put Yourself First (Even if You Think You Can’t)


Take a moment and think about all the people in your life that you feel some sense of responsibility for. If you were to map out a typical day, how much time would be spent doing things for yourself? Try to go beyond the nuts and bolts of adult responsibilities like bill paying and grocery shopping. I’m talking about experiencing moments where…

Spring Cleaning for Your Job Search – 6 Tips


Growing up, on the first warm day of Spring my mother and I would start an epic cleaning regime that lasted nearly the whole day. I am sure that I wasn’t as helpful as I’d like to believe but, in my head, I was integral to this operation. Windows were opened wide and rugs shaken outside in the sun. There were buckets…

Mind the Gap! Bridging the Gap Between Grads and Employers


College students and recent grads, you do not have it easy. The job market is competitive and some potential employers can give off that “you’re lucky to be considered for a job right out of school” attitude. Chances are everyone is asking what makes you different or what sets you apart from your competitors. The reality is, you’ve only just begun to…

Don’t Let Your Distraction Lead to Inaction – Part I


Our lives today are chaotic and filled with distractions, whether you have an ADD/ADHD diagnosis or not. We are receiving more and more calls from clients with these diagnoses, but we have found that, in general, people in career transition have a very hard time maintaining their focus.  Navigating a job search can be challenging enough without ADHD adding its “special sauce”…

Extreme Makeover: Resume Edition


Confusion over how to promote your expertise in this “new economy” continues to mystify most. While everyone still needs a resume, what that resume looks like has changed dramatically, hence the Extreme Makeover Edition. Much of what I said a few years ago remains true (read below), however some fundamentals of the job search process have changed. What constitutes a RESUME is…

Dream Big – What’s Stopping You?


Just for a moment, I invite you to put a blindfold over your practical side.  What happens when you allow yourself to dream big with regard to your career goals?  Some of the most successful companies began as somebody’s day dream or “ah ha moment.” Why is this important?  Well, because it taps in to your passion and passion equals momentum.  Passion…