Will You Pass The Job Search Savvy Test?

The job market is opening up, and the big question is: Are you really ready for it? Whether you are just getting started or been at it for a year are you as prepared as you think to be successful now? For those who have been at it a while, you have most likely submitted dozens, if not hundreds of resumes to job descriptions that you thought were ideal, only to hear nothing back. Hopefully you have become a little more savvy with what is expected of you in this challenging economy.

By now, recruiters should be able to find you online other than on Monster or Career builder.
By now your resume should have graduated into the 21st century. Has it? Your resume is no longer a one-dimensional document. You need to be marketing yourself in 3D, and by that I mean using the Internet to launch and promote your professional persona.  Do you know where to start, or how you can optimize your efforts?  From what I can tell from the hundreds of job seekers I come into contact with on a weekly basis, the answer is usually no.  I don’t blame you.  All the new things you have to do to find a job today can be overwhelming.  But don’t give up.

In fact, most job seekers are operating at about 25% capacity. The Department of Labor’s research claims job seekers are at it for approximately 18 Minutes a day. So, if you have used the job market as an excuse for not landing yet, (and yes, that was a very valid reason for a good chunk of last year, but can you still use it?)

Is it You or the Job Market? Not sure?


Lets see how you score? This is not very scientific, just a simple count, Yes=1 No=0

Instructions: Answer with your gut & Answer truthfully, you aren’t kidding anyone but yourself.

Do you have a plan?

1. Do you know what your goals are and have a road map to get there? Y N

2. Do you have a list of companies that you would like to work for. Y N

3. Are you using Linkedin to reach out to key people in your industry? Y N

4. Are your skills, accomplishments, experience, and goals, clearly and well articulated? Y N

How does your resume fare?

5. Your resume is designed in such a way that it pops? Y/ N

6. Does it shout out your value proposition? Y / N

7. Is it clear, easy and compelling to read? – If someone scans your resume in 15 seconds, what will it tell them? Y/ N

8. Does your resume demonstrate what you can do and how you can make a difference? Y/ N

9. Your resume is jam-packed with carefully selected keywords that highlight your skills and expertise? Y / N

10. Has your resume got recruiters or hiring manager calling? Y/ N

What does Google Say about you?

11. When you google your name, professional information about you is the first item that pops to the top, and your profile tells a broader,
more interesting story. Y/ N

12. No negative or distracting information pops up when your name is goggled. Y /N

13. You have a 100% complete, compelling and comprehensive profile on Linkedin Y/ N

14. You use Linkedin daily in a proactive way to reach out to strategic connections to expand your network and target specific companies Y/ N

15. You understand all the hidden tools and applications that Linkedin
has to offer to help you expand your job search and network Y / N

16. You participate in Linkedin Discussions as well as comment on other peoples blogs on a regular basis. Y/N

17. You know that Twitter can be a good place to be for your job search and networking Y/ N

18. You are using multiple social networking sites to connect with people that can help you in your job search. Y/ N

19. You have a growing network and are working on expanding it with the right peope. Y/ N

Is your “Net working”?

20. You are comfortable networking, and feel that you are already networking in all the right places. Y/ N

21. You are a member of at least one professional association, and at least one general networking group. Y/ N

22. You have let everyone in your entire circle of friends and family know that you are looking for work, and they all know what you
would like to be doing Y/ N

23. You have a list of companies you would like to work at, and you are working to make connections with those companies. Y /N

Your Recruiter & You

24. Your relationship with recruiters is as good as with your stylist/barber/doctor? Y/ N

25. You know how to find a recruiter that would be a good match for you. Y / N

26. You understand the role of the recruiter and how you can best help them. Y/ N

Are you are Interview Ready

27. You have a strong and compelling reason why company x should hire you at the tip of your tongue. Y / N

28. You can whip out your strengths in a nano-second with some truly interesting stories that will knock socks off. Y/ N

29. You understand how to go into an interview in consultant mode and turn it into a conversation. Y/N

30. You feel quite confident in how you interview? Y/ N

Okay! Now Count them up, Yes=1 No=0. What did you score out of 30? What do the results tell you?

25-30 Not bad, You’re pretty confident about your job search skills and have a good sense of what you have to do. Bump it up a notch
and you should be on your way.

20-25 Slight room for improvement. Identify what area you need the most help with, and get some feedback from a professional.
You want to figure out how to improve what is not working and give more
attention to learning these new job search skills.

15-20 You could be doing better. With a little guidance, research, support, you could be galloping on your way to your next gig.
What are you waiting for? Get some help on how to figure out what you
don’t know. It just takes a little more effort, and before you know it
you might be busy with finding a job.

0-15 You’re stuck, confused and no doubt quite frustrated! What are you going to do about it? Stew? Not worth it. Maybe you Need a
kick in the pants.. a wake up call, a refresh! read below.. or Email me
now @ Donna@careerfolk.com, send me a copy of your resume to take a
look at, and a link to your Linkedin profile while you are at it,
assuming you have started one. Lets see how we can help you get your
Job Search groove on.

In this flooded job market, you can’t afford to jeopardize your job search by failing in any of the areas discussed above. You need to get
it right every step of the way.

In order to help new (and tired) job seekers hit refresh this year, I have joined forces with 4 top career management professionals, to create a 5 Step Seminar that is designed to give you the most up-to-date information on the Job Search Trends. Each member of this great team is an expert in their own area and we are all determined to help you learn what it takes to succeed in this challenging job market. I hope you will join us.

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