A Discreet Job Search Using Linkedin (Yes, it’s Possible)

If fear of being seen by your employer is one of the reasons holding you back from using LinkedIn to help you find your next job,  then fear no more. One of the biggest concerns about using LinkedIn and other social networking sites that I still hear is fear over lack of privacy and the inability to be discreet. Discretion is, no doubt, of utmost importance, when you are employed (and job seeking) and LinkedIn is fully aware of this. What many people don’t realize is that there is a number of on/off switches on LinkedIn that you can use at your discretion. 

I get this question all the time “Is there a way to update your LinkedIn profile and not have a message go out to all your connections?” The most important mechanism you need to know about is the on/ off button “for activity broadcasts ”. This is how you can make updates to your profile but not draw attention to your changes, and it’s actually quite easy if you know where to go.

So how do you get there? LinkedIn has definitely chosen design over function, because they have hidden the all important Settings  link, which is where  you access your privacy controls and other important control mechanisms for your profile. If you didn’t find the Settings button already by chance, scroll over your name in the top right hand corner, and click on the drop down menu. Voila! Behold the ever important Settings button. Click here and you will be taken inside the “Back-end” to LinkedIn Control Central.  The photo below is what you should be looking at and the arrow is pointing to your Privacy Controls.

Click on the image below to make it bigger.

You can switch this button on and off as much as you like. My suggestion: Leave it on when you are not changing your profile. There is a fine line between drawing too much attention from your employer and not drawing enough attention from people whom you want to find your profile. This discussion is an important one and along with a couple more of the secret switches hidden in Linkedin, will be discussed in my up coming January LinkedIn training. Click on the box below.  I hope you will join me. There is so much more to learn.



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