5 Ways Social Media has Revolutionized Career Management

Social media is here to stay as one of the most important tools you can use to streamline and advance your job search or career. Here’s how:

1. Google has replaced the resume as the preferred introduction to job seekers. According to the Career thought leaders 2011 White Paper on Career Management trends.  Dick Bolles of What Color is Your parachute fame has said “Your Google results are your new Resume.”   The saying goes that if you are not found on Google, you don’t exist. Can you afford not be found on Google, if you are in job search mode?   Managing a positive and professional online presence is one of the most critical strategies a job seeker should be following as I like to say, if you can’t find a job, let it find you. That is one of the great aspects of social media, anyone can establish a presence online and the more active you are online, the greater your chances of making the right connections.

2.     The number 1 way people land jobs today is through referral according to the annual Careerxroads survey 2011 This rule of thumb for job searching is nothing new.  Ironically, most job seekers hate networking, so where does that leave them?  Of course, social networking tools are designed to facilitate, streamline and enhance your capacity to network with almost anyone you wish to, granted that they use these tools too? Are you reaching out to the right people so you can build your referral network? It’s never been so simple, but

3.     LinkedIn has replaced Job Boards as the tool of choice for finding prime candidates. Are you still spending a good chunk of your day scouring the job boards so you feel like you are doing something everyday, along with meeting the needs of the unemployemnt?  Getting anywhere?  This WSJ Article by Joe Light talks about how recruiters have changed their search tactics: “Many plan to scale back their use of online job boards, which they say generate mostly unqualified leads, and hunt for candidates with a particular expertise on places like LinkedIn Corp.’s professional networking site before they post an opening.” Even more compelling is the report that  “As the market gets more competitive again, they are hiring recruiters with expertise in headhunting and networking,” because its all about getting onto Google, or going to a networking meeting. Exactly where you should be! Are you?

4.     Your Linkedin /Twitter/ Facebook networks are your new Rolodex. Your Rolodex has always been the most important item in your job search arsenal. Is yours sitting frayed and out of date on your desk or is it updated daily via LinkedIn?  Maybe all your connections are on Facebook, and I’m not just talking about college students and recent graduates – Many of my clients (of all ages)  have larger networks on Facebook, than Linkedin, and don’t realize that Facebook is just as important in your job search as Linkedin. If you haven’t already, its time to add Branchout to your Facebook. You also get to import your LinkedIn profile into Facebook, but if your profile isn’t complete, you should work on that first. As for Twitter, well that’s a whole other article, but for a start, if you are looking to understand how Twitter is the last of this Career Management Triple Bang,  READ HERE

5.     Being a star at work means having access to the guru network. According to research by Bell Labs and the subsequent book HOW TO BE A STAR AT WORK, “Star performers know that effective networking really means creating dependable pathways to knowledge experts.” Are you tapped into the right networks so that you can shine in your job? You can choose to find the guru network, or be a part of it, on LinkedIn and Twitter.
What do you think? Have questions? Need some real guidance on how to really use these Career Power tools? Email me info  @ Careerfolk.com. If your job search strategy could use a little oomph  maybe my upcoming bootcamp is for you-  I’m hosting a 9+ hour,  hands-on training in Stamford, CT.  My workshop will be held over 3 dates> Please read here for more information and to register.

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