5 Ways Business Marketing Tips are the answer to your Job Search & Career Success

I attended a very inspiring conference today for women entrepreneurs. I am hungry to learn about what it takes to create a successful business for myself but also for my clients. In this new economy, my ideas about career management have changed. Since every job is temporary, one can’t rely on that singular income to always be there. One can also no longer assume you’re going to land another job very quickly or, for that matter, at all. My thinking is that “You are the Boss!” Even if you are out there, working for The Man, you should still be thinking that “I am the boss”. Like that idea? Good, because it’s true, no one is managing your career any more, but you.

I have to learn how to market my expertise so that I can draw in new clients, sell my services and make money. Isn’t that what a job seeker has to do too? Market their expertise so that, ultimately they can earn an income? That’s why when I was listening to marketing guru Payson Cooper share her ideas about how to market a small business in this new world, all I could think about was “That’s what I tell my job seekers!”

In one of her blogs, Payson talks about creating “Top of mind awareness”. This is “when you are consistently in front of your prospect or client, so that when the need or desire arises for the product or service you offer, you are the one they think of.” Isn’t this the strategy you would implement if you are trying to land a position, so that when the opening arises, the hiring manager doesn’t have to look any further because you are already top of mind.

1. Decide who is your target audience. One of the first things I do with clients is have them start to define their target Industries/ companies/ roles etc. Then you need to figure out where they hang out. Every industry and professional field is represented in the major social networks. Find out in which groups they hang out, or connect with them.

2. Decide on the tool you will use to market your business, (READ: Self) The most effective, free and subtle form of promotion is a blog. You can also create notes on Facebook, or simple 140 character status updates on all three of the social networking trio, LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook. Learning how to blog or to use any of these tools, is a valuable skill and the positive implications are enormous for many professionals today. I met an about to be new college graduate at Purchase College in NY where I spoke about Social Media. She shared with me that the first thing a non-profit manager said when interviewing her was ” I like your web presence”. Apart from having her Web page with her name, she had spoken out on Youtube on what she was passionate about and after watching that video, I can’t imagine how someone is not going to snatch her any minute.

3. Research and share relevant and interesting content. See what others are writing about in your field. You don’t even have to have purely original content- Comment or promote other people’s relevant information.

4. Find the right Keywords to enhance SEO and be found by Google. The right Keywords in your resume has always been one of the most important factors for helping it be found in the ATS’s . Now if your Linkedin Profile doesn’t have all the right keywords, it’s also not going to make it to the front page results.

5. Promote using all social media platforms. Just like the small business owner has to promote their skills in order to find new clients, what’s stopping you from promoting yours to find your own clients (Read: Employers”).

There are people ready to hire someone with your skill set just around the corner on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you just need to let them know you are there? Social networking tools are the platform where you can start to create a consistent yet subtle personal marketing plan, Whether your skills are in financial analysis, fundraising, or design, isn’t it time you became your own Chief Marketing Officer?

Please share your comments below, or email me if you any questions or thoughts you have about it Info {at} Careerfolk.com . If you are particularly excited to learn how to do this more indepth, please read more about my social media for job search Bootcamp here

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