Starting Your Job Search Right: Get In the Right Head Space

30 Ways in 30 Days: January Career Challenge:  Day 2

The beautiful thing about a new year is that it allows you to press the REFRESH Button. As frustrating or depressing last year (or even the last few years)has/ have been, it’s essential to put it behind you and start over. I know that might be a tall order considering how hard it has been.  But that is the command for today.  It’s okay to say that this career transition thing SUCKS, but you have to believe that you can beat it. Even if it feels like the world is conspiring against you, (it probably does when you send out 76 applications, and had multiple interviews, but still no luck)but you have to move on. If you don’t believe you can do it,  how will you convince anybody else?

Believe you can do it.

You have to believe  that you have what it takes to go through the process and that you have something to offer (and you know very specifically what that is -topic for a future post). Finding a new job takes time and it’s important that you don’t lose steam and remain as upbeat as possible. In this new economy, it takes a lot mental preparation, and this is by no means a one time thing:

  • Embrace the new goal and accept that it will take time and effort to achieve it. If you are reading this article, you have already taken one  step toward this goal {SMILE}
  • Expect that barriers will get in your way… but remember that you have the ability to find the resources, whether within or outside of yourself, to deal with them head on.
  • Don’t go it alone. Job/ career transition can be very frustrating but many people isolate themselves which only makes them feel worse. Just like it takes a village to rear a child, it takes a village to grow a career, or find a new job. Enlist family, friends, trusted colleagues and mentors to support, encourage, and assist you through the process. Many of you might not have these forms of support, but even if you do, join a Job Search Support group where the specific goal is to support you in your challenge.
  • Approaching your job search as an adventure and a journey will allow you to remain positive while on your way to your destination, leaving you open to making the most of the experience along the way.

Your goal is only as daunting as you allow it to seem and challenges are only as big as you make them. Our goal this January is to help you break down your career challenge into bite-sized chunks.

Are you in? Great! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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