18 Surefire Ways to help Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn-Part 1

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By now, most people know that LinkedIn is an excellent resource for improving a job search by allowing job hunters to make new contacts with recruiters and companies that might not have found them otherwise. But there are varying degrees of success among those on LinkedIn, and the simple fact is that some job seekers are doing a much better job than others when it comes to getting exposure on the site. They’re not engaging in complicated schemes, just plain proven ways to become more prominent. These are simple ideas that you can put to work in order to get your profile in front of more recruiters who can make a difference for you. From better keyword placement to strategic recommendations, these are all great ways to help recruiters locate you on LinkedIn.

1. Use keywords: This one’s obvious, but so important that we can’t possibly leave it out: you’ve got to have keywords peppered throughout your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters will search on LinkedIn, search engines, and through LinkedIn groups to find you, and you can improve your odds of actually being found by recruiters by remembering not to skimp on keywords.

2. Complete your profile: Again, it’s simple and obvious, but so important: a 100% complete profile is the bare minimum for getting found on LinkedIn. The more robust your profile is, the better your chances of showing up higher in Google and LinkedIn searches. Leave no stone unturned.

3. Upload a professional photo: When you show up in search results, do you want to represent yourself with a polished, recent photo, or a barely passable image from your college days? Make the effort to get a professional photo for LinkedIn, and recruiters will take you more seriously.

4. Create a descriptive headline: Your headline really gives you an opportunity to stand out, so take advantage of it. Avoid simply using your job title, and go the extra mile to point out your biggest strengths. Come up with three to five terms that best describe your position, duties, and areas of expertise to make your profile more searchable, and stand out among search results. Remember to use spaces, commas or plus signs instead of slashes, which may interfere with LinkedIn recognizing each word as separate.

5. Be careful about using abbreviations: In the context of your profile, abbreviations might make sense, but when it comes to search results, recruiters are more likely to search using the full word. Whenever possible, avoid abbreviating so that you’ll be able to connect when recruiters look for that particular word.

6. Don’t shy away from contacts: Recruiters often find candidates through their LinkedIn contacts, especially extended networks. The more people you’ve connected with on the site, the more likely it is that you’ll be found through your network.

7. Update your profile’s customizable URL: Your name is an obvious choice, but a keyword will help go a long way to getting you to the top of search results, whether recruiters are looking through LinkedIn or Google. Try a combination of your name and the absolute most relevant keyword for the job you’re seeking.

8. Say what you’re looking for: A great way to let recruiters know that they’ve found the right candidate (you) is to simply spell it out for them. On your profile, you should share that you’re “looking for opportunities in _____.” That way it’s perfectly clear and easy for recruiters to recognize that you’d be a great fit.

9. Brag about your skills: If you’ve got ’em, flaunt em. Don’t hold back when it comes to listing your skills, including both professional and even relevant personal skills. Each of these represents a valuable keyword that recruiters can use to find you.

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