10 Reasons You Can Be Thankful For Twitter

It’s hard to get excited about a job search. Even less so about job search tools.  Well, I have something that I think you’ll really be grateful for if you give it a chance.  You can be thankful for Twitter for being Twitter. Rather than being the frivolous waste of time you think it might be, Twitter is in fact your Swiss army knife of Job Search tools. Here are my top 10 reasons to be grateful for Twitter.

1. AMicro-blogging” platform. Allows you a chance to share your thoughts in a novel, quick way. It allows you to build your brand, to stand out and to conduct “Knowledge-Powered Networking”, connecting with people through sharing knowledge.2.  An instant messaging system. Yes, you can send a private message (a DM or Direct message in Twitter speak. A quick way to connect  with someone you are following (but they must be following you back) especially if you don’t have their email address! Imagine that?

2. A source for finding answers. Since Twitter is a real-time instant messaging system, you never know who might receive your request to find the answer to something, or your help with finding a job. A case in point, Brandon Savage. When he lost his job in 2009, he let his Twitter community know immediately. One month, and two hundred Tweets later, he credits Twitter with his rapid success, in the midst of the worst economy ever.

3. A source for finding and creating community. No matter what your interest or field, I guarantee you that you will find others with the same background and interests as you on Twitter. In fact, if the US Association of CPA’s is on Twitter, and you are not, then I’d say you better get cracking. Them CPA’s are Tweeting, and so could you. Your long term career insurance is built on a growing and robust network- Twitter is the ultimate access to the Twitter Network. You would be amazed.

4. A Dynamic, real-time job board. Twitter is the Classified Ads 2.0. It is the conduit for jobs beyond Monster and CareerBuilder, and if you haven’t figured out how this works, It is time!  In addition to the 1+ Million job tweets that flow down the stream  via TweetMyJobs.com, there over 11,000+ Recruiters (I’m sure that number has grown since I last checked.

5. A No barriers networking Tool. One of the simplest  and genius aspects of Twitter is that there are no barriers to connecting (unless you decide to “lock” your profile in the beginning, as you get used to it, most people do not and you can just about “Follow” anyone on Twitter. Tonight I heard about a ex-corporate career changer launched her career change by reaching out to people in the field she was exploring via Twitter. She launched into a new career thanks to Twitter.

6. Builds Online Credibility. In the new “work order” where web 2 meets our flailing  economy.“Your Google Results are your new resume” says Richard Bolles , author of What color is your parachute. With Twitter’s very high SEO capability, and your chance to share what you know, and how you think, Twitter is the place to build your G-Cred (Google Credibility) or reputation as a thoughtful contributor.

7. A Marketing and PR platform. I tell my clients every day that the job search is no longer just a “search”. In a competitive market such as this,  the job search”, should be more like a “self-promotion process”. Your own personal PR campaign, with a little help from Twitter, and of course some daily search could go a long way very quickly. What better place to be than on the free social media super tool, that has a penchant for going viral in seconds. Just remember, Tweet smart and you might become Twitter Famous. You don’t want to become Twitter Infamous, which has become somewhat common these.

8. A dynamic database. Probably unbeknownst to most, Twitter is a huge dynamic goldmine of career and job search information. By tapping into Twitter, you can learn about companies you’ve never heard of, position openings hot off the press, names of people in the company where you want to work, or doing what you want to be doing, and a direct way to connect with them.

9. An open chat-room.
Technology is a truly remarkable thing that we must be thankful. The nature of twitter allows for open, real-time chats between 2 or more people. In Twitter language, these are called Twitchats. You can follow  the #jobhuntChat live every Monday night at 10pm.

    So what do you think? Going to give it a try? You just might just have a new job to thank Twitter for!

    Drop me a comment below, I would love to hear about your successes with it!

    Happy Tweeting,




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